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The Traders Mind Journal

The Traders Mind Journal

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A good trading journal is essential to your ongoing learning and development as a trader, to the pursuit of mastery of yourself and the markets, and to trading at your best, no matter what your level of experience or success. 

The ‘Traders Mind Journal’ has been developed to help traders improve their trading performance through engaging in a focused, and valuable journaling process, that has mindset, behaviour and mastery at its core.

The journal encourages traders to reflect effectively on their trading performance, focus on developing key elements of their trading psychology, and to take identified actions that will help them to trade at their best.

The ‘Traders Mind Journal’ is not a traditional trading log - a place to record the trades you made, entries and exits – but is rather a trading journal focused on performance and psychology, providing a structured framework for traders to help them to stay disciplined and focused, to navigate the ups and downs of trading effectively, and to improve their trading performance. 

The ‘Traders Mind Journal’ uses carefully structured daily preparation and evaluation sheets, weekly check-ins and planners, and monthly reviews and goal setting processes, all of which have been designed to be intuitive and engaging, easy to use and time efficient. 

The journal also contains a unique ‘Trading Performance Scorecard’ assessment, 12 specific ‘Mastery Tasks’ designed to help you to enhance your trading performance, ‘Creative Spaces’ for reflection and idea generation, and insightful ‘Weekly Quotes’, making this much more than just a reflective journal.


272 pages
1 x Elastic, 2 x ribbons
217mm x 305mm x 29mm

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